Scorpio time: transformation and letting go


Scorpio is the time of the year from the 23rd of October until the 21st of November. It is a time of transformation and letting go. It is the moment of the year when the line between what is visible and what is hidden is thinner. We all know the celebration of Halloween, a time of the year to let our wilder side out (the witch, the ghost, the zombie, etc.). Symbolically, it is a great opportunity for what is lying under the surface to come out in the open.

In Guatemala, the first of November is the day of the Deads. It is a day to remember the beloved deceased. It is the custom of families to go together to the cemetery and have lunch on top of the tomb of their departed ones. Symbolically, it is a day to take a moment to connect with the past, with what is buried deep down, and to look at it face to face without turning away.
Scorpio is a water sign; it means that it is connected to the feelings. It refers to a moment in life when we are no longer afraid of what is felt deep down but rather able to find peace with it. It is a moment when rather than choosing fear we chose to love. To choose love doesn’t mean to decide mentally to love despite what we feel, it rather means to embrace and accept what is present rather than hiding or rejecting it.

Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist, used to say:

‘’The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek’’.

In these coming weeks, the configuration of the planets are inviting us to let go of old masks and to come closer to each other by sharing what we really feel. Rather than hiding what we feel we can witness the feelings inside and accept them. We may not like what we feel in the moment; we might even think we shouldn’t feel this way, but if the emotions are there, clearly there is a part of us that need more comforting or acceptance.

For example, if you feel angry with someone observe the feelings, observe the situation. Feelings of anger or frustration can be red flags trying to attract your attention on a part of yourself that hurts or is fearful. If you refuse to feel them or reject yourself because of what you feel then you have less chance to understand what needs attention inside of you.

If you dare enter the dark cave of your emotions, you might then realize that you are angry because you felt taken advantage of, you might be angry because you felt left down or not heard. The anger is showing you something. By staying present to what is felt inside you can learn more about yourself.

In his book Relationship Tantra, Andrew Barnes says that to witness what we feel we need love much more than courage. Love to accept and embrace ourselves no matter where we stand in a given moment.

Let’s walk together hand in hand through the dark pieces of our emotional caves and claim the gold at the end of the tunnel. Let’s ride the wave of Scorpio and accept our vulnerabilities as potential treasures.

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