”Time In” a forgotten step for Rewarding Achievements

We live in a society giving a lot of value to productivity and achievement and although there is nothing wrong with that, it means it is a lot easier to exhaust ourselves in ‘’doing’’.

Woman-with-kinky-natural-hair-eyes-closed-smilingActions are important to attain what we want but we tend to forget that relaxing and slowing down are essentials too to reach our goals.

Sleep time is the moment your body can repair, integrate and heal itself in the most efficient way. Sleep time is a moment of deep relaxation where nothing seems to happen on the outside, yet internally the body is organizing itself to work efficiently for the next day. In the same way, taking a quiet moment during your day with no intention to achieve something concrete can be highly nourishing and productive.

When you take ‘’time in’’ you connect to your source of answers and intuitions. It helps you to see whatever you were doing before with more perspective and possibly with even more inspiration. When you take ‘’time in’’ you come closer to yourself and realize what you really need right now. Things become less blur and what is needed becomes more obvious.

When you look through the window of a car speeding on the highway, it is hard to see the details of the landscape passing in front of your eyes. You get a general picture but you can’t see clearly what is really there. In a similar way, we live modern life at a fast speed and we can feel confused at times. We act and we push forward again and again but is it really in the direction we aspire to? Do we know what we really want/need or are we possessed by the adrenaline of the fast pace?

sb10065084cb-001‘’Time in’’ is a moment of rest while being fully conscious. It is a moment connecting to your center, to your heart.

‘’Time in’’ enables you to be more present to what is going on around and inside you. Rather than running in a million directions at once, you are better able to recognize what needs to be focused on. Rather than trying to be all things to all people you can choose more authentically the projects you wish to invest yourself into.

Every day you can care for yourself by taking a moment inward to feel, to simply breathe, to simply be and observe what is present within you. Like a gardener devoting himself daily to his garden, you too can lovingly dedicate a bit of ‘’time in’’ to support the nurturing, healing and integration of your deeper Self.

Even if at the beginning nothing may seem to happen, something meaningful is in the process underneath the surface.

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