Taurus Full Moon: Nurturing what worths it.


Full Moon times are moments of growth.

This Full Moon is aligning with Taurus, the preserver of forms while the Sun is aligning with Scorpio, the sign of transformation. It is inviting us to navigate the paradox of life and death. What is worthy of supporting in our lives and what is ready to be let go of.

What do we need to support and care for in our lives and what can be released? On what projects do we choose to invest ourselves and what doesn’t require our attention anymore?

The Moon in Taurus brings awareness to our attachments and what brings us tangible security. It invites to meet the animal nature in us and to observe how strongly the five senses rule our personality. We can use the five senses as tools to navigate Life but rather than chasing one quick pleasure after the other we can find what has deeper meaning for us. Taurus Full Moon calls for perseverance and patience for the projects we really want to invest ourselves into.

Taurus is a creator giving shape and form to energy and this full moon helps us to contemplate what is worth creating in our lives.

The T-Square between the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter speaks of a dilemma between choosing what needs to be supported and what needs to be released. Jupiter in Leo is inviting us to rise from the self-centred perspective of the personality into learning to use our passion and talents to serve a common good.

Recognizing our attachments for the experiences they bring and recognizing our fears for the illusions they help to release we become more free and more open to participate authentically in Life.

We are thus less focused on the survival of our little personality and capable of more cooperation with others.

It also means daring to fully engage with Life, taking full responsibility for our actions and becoming more present beings!

Let’s choose to make our lives worth living for, now.


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