Full Moon in Cancer: Coming Home to Oneself

log pathImmersed in the fast pace of modern life, we often lose contact with our instincts and intuitions.

We are like gardeners out of synchronicity with Nature’s cycles. We prepare the soil for new projects in the winter but the ground is too hard and we think we do something wrong. We harvest in the spring but are disappointed with the smallness of the fruits. We rest in the summer but somehow feel guilty; shouldn’t we be doing something else? Finally we plant seeds in the fall and wonder why our efforts never bear fulfillment. We have all the tools needed but we use them out of alignment with natural cycles.

In Nature as well as in our lives, there is a time to create, a time to preserve through consistent efforts and a time to let go and rest. The Full Moon in Cancer is inviting us to turn our awareness to our inner world and to listen deep down to what we feel. It is primordial that we can recognize our deep yearnings. They point to what needs attention in our lives for more wholeness right now.
There is a time to give and there is a time to receive. There is a time to be generous and sociable and there is a time to be quiet and inner focused.

Some might think: I don’t have time for that. I have a job and responsibilities. I have children to feed and look after. Most of us do. Are we going to wait until life asks nothing of us to listen to what is present within? It might never happen.
On this day of the Full Moon, let’s slow down to hear what we feel. Rather than being scared of the more vulnerable and needy parts of ourselves, let’s comfort and care for them. Nurturing doesn’t mean to indulge in self-pity but is rather a decision to hold oneself lovingly no matter what happens.
Let’s own our lives from the inner depths of feelings to the highest outer achievements.

This Full Moon is bringing an opportunity for a deeper integration and alignment between outer actions and inner longings.

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