Leo Full Moon: The Power of United Hearts.

beautiful-heart-wallpaper-hd-38Now is the time of the year associated to Aquarius. This sign is about collective awareness and the urge to contribute for a greater good. During this time of the year we are invited to become aware of the bigger structure we are part of, the human family, and to think collectively rather than individually. It is a time to contemplate life from a perspective of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

In order to work in a helpful way with others, we need our own center of gravity.  Moreover, we must be able to recognize our own value and respect ourselves.

This Full Moon is inviting us to recognize the beautiful and unique light we carry within.

This Full Moon in Leo is inviting us to give worth to our skills and qualities not because they make us better than others but because they are the starting point from which we can contribute to Life. We are like the tiny cells of a big body, each one of us is important for the harmony of the whole.

The Full Moon in Leo is inviting us to feel and to remain connected to our heart because it is through the heart that we remain united to others.

touching my heartImagine how different daily reality would be if each being on this planet would know deep down how beautiful and worthy they are… not just for what they can achieve, but for who they ARE right now.

For one day, let’s believe that each individual brings something unique to this world, that we all add a little flavour that contributes to the harmony of the great whole. Let’s dare celebrate each other’s gifts without feeling threatened.

For all of you feeling called to participate in collective projects: celebrate the unique beauty in others and in yourself. Take a moment to observe yourself and others and recognize the worth of your unique creativity.
On this Leo Full Moon, let’s remind each other that strength is found through unity. Unity starts from within; it starts from recognizing the worth of your heart, the worth of your individuality. It is not about being self-centred but about simply recognizing the essence of who you are.

When we feel confident about our value we can better join efforts with others and participate for a collective good. Once we recognize our own light, we don’t need others to validate our actions or decisions: we feel free to express ourselves authentically.

The invite of this Full Moon in Leo is simple: join your strengths with others and dare to express your heart.

Happy Leo Full Moon! Be sure that your presence makes this world a richer place.

One response to “Leo Full Moon: The Power of United Hearts.

  1. Thank you Mel, this is really wonderful. It’s helpful reading this, I’m starting to understand my connection to astrology and through this understanding myself better, it kind of gives me a direction.


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