Virgo Full Moon : Finding Alignment between the Inner and Outer Realities.


RainbowThe time of criticism is over; the time of endless perfectionism too. Why do we worry so much? What if every little delay or stumble on our path was an opportunity to better adjust and refine ourselves?

I love all the signs of the zodiac, each one for me tells a unique step of the journey of life, the journey of expanding consciousness. But I must admit that I particularly love the complementary signs of Virgo and Pisces. Each one in its own way represents a time of integration and completion.
Virgo is a sign related to the efficient and proper use of our individual skills. This Full Moon in Virgo is inviting us to use discernment and common sense in what we decide to say yes or no to.
Pisces is about walking life while remaining aware that we are all connected and united. We share one world and the choices we make will affect us all one way or the other.

When the energies of Virgo and Pisces work together, we have a healthy balance between doing what we can in the moment (from a fair and respectful assessment of the situation) while having faith that life can meet us half-way.

This Full Moon is inviting us to step into our authentic selves and act in alignment with what is true within us while being aware of what is going on in the reality around us. It is about finding the subtle balance and the point of unity between the inner and the outer realities.

viergeThis Full Moon in Virgo is calling on our ability to adjust to what is rather than hold on to what is not. It doesn’t mean giving up an ideal but rather be flexible in the way things unfold while being honest with ourselves.

This Full Moon in Virgo is inviting us to use concretely and efficiently our unique skills to unite with the harmony of the all.

The sign of Virgo represents the ability to address clearly a situation and assess with common sense what can be done given the circumstances.

This Full Moon is asking us to act with integrity by taking into consideration all the different aspects of our beings: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It requires a lot of flexibility, humility and discernment to do that. Flexibility to look at a situation with curiosity and open-mindedness, humility to let go what we think is best in order to serve what the moment calls for (letting go of the belief that success comes only when we control all the details) and discernment to be able to recognize what is important from what is a priority right now. Choosing is an art, recognizing what is aligned with our heart from what is not needed right now requires lots of practice.

Let’s digest our decisions a little more in order to discern what is really in integrity with ourselves and what the moment calls for.

Let’s use tolerance and compassion with our efforts even if they don’t always bring the fruits we expected . Let’s adapt and adjust humbly; taking life not as a burden but rather as an opportunity.

Happy Virgo Full Moon!

2 responses to “Virgo Full Moon : Finding Alignment between the Inner and Outer Realities.

  1. Great post ✨💚

    Does that mean my ascendent (Virgo) and sun (Pisces) are complimentary it is it just a more general observation?


    Sent with love and typos from my iPhone



    • Yes, this is exactly like that. Virgo and Pisces are complementary forces although they can sometimes feel like conflicting energies at the beginning. Through experiences we learn that one doesn’t have to compete with the other but that they can rather enrich each other. Virgo is more about recognizing how you can use your skills in an efficent way while Pisces represents the awareness of the invisible forces in life. Virgo sees what is possible to do concretely given a situation while Pisces bring the awareness that there are deeper forces at play that might affect the goals you are seeking. Virgo is about discernment while Pisces is about faith, trust and compassion. Hence the invitation of this ful moon: discern what is possible right now while keeping in mind life can meet you halfway. Virgo personality could have the tendency to try to control all the little details or be overly perfectionnist while a Pisces personality could overly trust that all will be as it should without doing anything concrete to help it happen. The subtle balance is in recognizing what is approriate to do right now while being open to trust life to fill in what is needed for a greater good.
      Thank you for your comment.
      All the best to you.


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