Passing from Pisces to Aries…

55902d32b79252bfad2fb227c14ebb3dToday is not only New Moon, Equinox and Solar Eclipse… it is also my oldest son’s birthday. He is turning 9 years old. Every year when the date of his birth comes back I go through the memories of this magical and intense experience. Because birthdays are cyclical, they help us feel clearly the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one… even if it is only through the change in our age number.

How many of us right now feel something deep is moving, seems like a birthing as been in the process for a while… lots of pushes and contractions, lots of fears yet lots of desires to move through to the other side. Doubts, uncertainties… Will I make it to the next step or will I just stay stuck here and there in that uncomfortable posture, half way between the known and the unknown?

The unknown…well is unknown. What gives us the power to continue forward then? Faith? Willpower? Aspirations?

What about Love?

New Moon times are moments to plant new seeds of consciousness. What I wish to plant for this New Moon is an intention of Love. In the presence of insecurities, self-doubts, pain or confusion (which are often the characteristics that something new is emerging), to hold ourselves and each other with kindness.

Let’s dare trust in Life.

If a new born can make it through the birth canal, us too can make it to the end of this cycle and stand on our two feet on the other side… if we dare to embrace ourselves and others with compassion rather than reject what hurts us.

The time of Aries is coming back, the time for new hope and rebirth.

33e798f3d58c581c805bcf7734863c70Today I am celebrating the uniqueness of my son in all he was, is and will be. I invite you to do the same with yourself and the people around you. On this 20th of March 2015, day of New Moon, Eclipse and Equinox let’s celebrate Life boldly in the multiplicity of experiences offered to us and be GRATEFUL for the many possibilities we can all embody! And if the process of rebirth is intense… turn and look into someone else’s eyes for five minutes… we are never alone.


2 responses to “Passing from Pisces to Aries…

  1. Merci Mélanie pour ton magnifique texte. Oui, je vais essayer de sentir toute cette énergie très spéciale… Et très bon anniversaire et tous mes vœux pour une bonne santé et sa nouvelle vie au Canada. Bisous Irène de Suisse


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