Full Moon in Scorpio: the Hidden Desires behind our Concrete Actions.

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The Full Moon is in Scorpio while the Sun is in Taurus.
Scorpio represents the secret and invisible side of reality. The vibes, the things we feel but that we can’t clearly see. When the Full Moon is in Scorpio, we feel strongly what is underneath the surface and we can be more vulnerable or simply more receptive. Taurus stands for the visible reality: what is concrete and perceived by the five senses.

This Full Moon is bringing our awareness to the underlying reasons for our actions. What motivates us to do what we do? What are the hidden desires behind our actions

During the next two weeks, we may feel impatient for things to concretize and even wonder if we are on the right track. It would then be useful to remind ourselves that all things that speak to the soul take time to manifest.

How many hours will a gardener dedicate to his garden before he can harvest the fruits of his labor? It takes an average of nine months for a child to fully form in the womb. All meaningful projects take time to develop and require continuous efforts for their concrete manifestation.

How can we find the daily strength to continue day after day?
It helps to be clear about what we are really trying to achieve. Thus we can find joy not only in the achievement of the goal but also daily in the many steps leading to its materialization.

Full Moon periods are great times to see with more clarity what is present within us.

The next days will be helpful to ponder on what really motivates us in life and to observe if our daily actions are in harmony with what we really value.

Sometimes we get caught up in waiting for the perfect condition to act according to what is really meaningful for us. For example, we wait for the weekly yoga class to breathe consciously rather than breathing consciously as often as possible. We go twice a week running to keep in good shape but we forget to stretch at work after many hours on the computer. Little consistent actions remind us of what is really important for us. Taurus represents the power to create something concrete and solid from continuous efforts.

The Moon is in Scorpio, the sign representing the hidden. It brings our attention to what we don’t easily see. Are we saying we want peace while feeding situations of conflict around us? Are we claiming we want love while talking to ourselves with lots of judgements?

We are building right now the foundation of the following months. Let’s pay close attention to what we do and put one foot in front of the other with awareness.

woman moonWhen we plant seeds in the ground we see nothing happening for a while. But even if nothing shows up on the surface, the forces of life are at play and the seeds develop and prepare slowly to shoot to the surface. In those delicate moments before something tangible emerges we must continue to care for the garden: weeding and watering the yet invisible sprouts. In the same way, for what is dear to our soul we must find the love motivating consistent efforts. Let’s be patient with ourselves yet persevere with small daily actions into the direction that makes our heart sing. It is a month of concrete actions, but not of rushed actions.

The pace of Taurus is slow, steady and full of presence. Taurus takes time but what he creates is strong. Let’s slow down, observe what is really present and build a life made of little meaningful actions that have been executed with love and care. Let’s keep strongly alive in our heart why we do what we do and lovingly persevere in that direction.

Photos: Moonlight by Jan Markljc and Man in the Moon by Foxfires

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