Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Fire that Keeps us Going

centaurWhile in the twister of daily life necessities, how can we keep aligned with what matters?

Since the beginning of this year, we have been invited to define more clearly what is truly meaningful to us.

What is worth living for? What is so dear to your heart that no matter if you are paid or not, no matter if you are recognized or not you would still try to achieve it?

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is inviting us to listen deep within and meet what matters most. Authenticity is essential in this process and patience too because what makes our heart sing is more than a mental idea, it emerges slowly from the depth of our Soul. Take a quiet moment today, even if just a few minutes, to ask yourself what makes your heart sing and listen to what comes up. Each little experience is an opportunity to define and observe more closely what inspires us in Life.

Dreams and aspirations are important: they give us not only a point of focus but also the love needed to make all the daily steps on our path.

So let’s  dream my dear friends!
Let’s dare dream beyond what we think we know, let’s dare dream from the deepest space in our heart.
Once we meet what matters most for us, let’s keep it strong and alive by aligning our daily actions with it.

Whatever is worth living for you, use it as a goal in your decision making and exchanges with others. Use it as a needle compass to find your way through Life.

Dreams are powerful when we dare act in their direction every day… they give meaning to the daily reality. They help us act from love rather than fear.

Make this Full Moon meaningful!

2 responses to “Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Fire that Keeps us Going

  1. Thank you Melanie! AGAIN, it’s like you’re seeing inside my soul. Your words are always so helpful!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


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