Full Moon in Capricorn: From Human to Superhuman


Capricorn is often depicted as the mountain goat with a dolphin tail. A strange symbol indeed! The mountain goat lives on the high summit of the mountains and represents the ability to build our own path and give direction to our life. This process asks us to be able to stand up independently and dare expose ourselves. Capricorn is not about following others but building a new trail with all the inner strength and focus it requires.

The dolphin tail is linked to the ocean and all the wonders that occur beyond the surface of the visible. It symbolizes our connection to the sacred of Life.

Thus, the path of Capricorn is linked to the process of materializing our ambitions but also, and maybe this side of Capricorn is less spoken of, it is about holding space for others to thrive. It is about supporting others in their own quest.

At times we get overwhelm by the events flooding our reality but we are part of a bigger story; we are part of a collective journey.

This Full Moon is inviting us to rise beyond our fragmented stories and become more aware of the invisible link between us all. It also invites us to be at the service of Life:

How can I contribute to bring the best in that situation? What can I do to help bring the best in that person right now?

image capmoonWhile keeping common sense and respecting our individual needs, this Full Moon is inviting us to leap in a new yet always present reality: We as a whole, We as a group.
Capricorn’s dolphin tail is the reminder of the deeper reality underneath what we see daily. It is the reminder of the invisible beneath what the five senses perceive.
Let’s be daring on this Full Moon by choosing to look at what lies underneath what we see or hear.
Let’s take care of each other… being a humble example of what we wish for us all.


images: Daniel Eskridge fineartamerica.com and 13moonmysteries.com

One response to “Full Moon in Capricorn: From Human to Superhuman

  1. Dear Melanie,

    I wanted to express my gratitude to you. Thanks for the text of the last Full Moon. I hope with you, your Kids and also Eric everything is growing, expanding and you are having a wonderful Journey in Canada. There are times a really miss you here in the small community at the lake. I would like to share more about Astrology, here one of you talks or just see your boys again.

    We are very busy here on the other side, our construction and the Center are coming along so beautifully. The dark retreat is working so well. Currently we have Kathy, your old neighbour inside. =)

    I also have intensified my own work and connection in regards with Astrology and have been giving some workshops. Thanks you so much for your inspiration and everything you where sharing with me over the last years. It has been an amazing journey for me and i feel Astrology has been giving my another language which helps me to understand others and myself.

    You will be with us when we go soon up to el Arka to celebrate the Piramids birthday. I send you a lot of love. Severin


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