Full Moon in Aquarius: Freedom and Faith

freedom1This particular Full Moon in Aquarius is likely to bring out our freedom urge as well as a thirst for a deeper truth from which to guide our lives. Aquarius is associated with the need to know life and break free from limitations. This sign of the zodiac also represents humanitarian values such as Equality and Brotherhood. Aquarius is about learning how to join efforts to achieve a collective goal.

This Full Moon invites us to contemplate our own values and principles and break the chains of our own restricting dogmas. At times, beliefs imprison ourselves and in the name of a mental concept we go against what feels right in the present.

The Sun’s position is in Leo, a sign related to the authenticity of our heart’s desires and the recognition of our uniqueness. With the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo we are invited to cultivate more faith in ourselves and others. To cooperate towards collective goals we must focus on what fosters trust, we must expect the best of others rather than dwelling in doubts.

Despite the detours and stumbles we each have on the path of life, let be merciful with each other and keep faith in humankind. And very importantly, even in moments when we feel disappointed with ourselves, let’s continue to trust our heart. Let’s dare stand up despite all that happens and feel what is present, knowing that in each situation there is much more than what we can see and understand in the moment.

The combination of Aquarius and Leo invites us to unite from our heart towards goals with collective benefits. It teaches us that when each member can recognize that they individually bring something unique and essential to the manifestation of those goals, the virtue of Brotherhood expands.

Happy Full Moon!

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