Sun in Virgo-Full Moon in Pisces: Answering to the Life forces rushing through us


A week ago, the Sun started its annual visit into the sign of Virgo. In the northern hemisphere, this time of year is associated to the ripening and harvest of the fruits planted at Spring. The sign of Virgo represents the daily meticulous work needed for a system to thrive. No matter if it is a person, a plant or a dream, it requires daily attention, concrete actions and constant adjustments in order to grow in a concrete and sustainable way.

To discern what actions are appropriate from those that are not, it is primordial to know what we are trying to achieve. For example, if I dream to work as a nurse, the appropriate action could be to train as a nurse and not as a police officer. There is nothing wrong about being a police officer but it is not a requirement to work as a nurse.

The invite of the Sun in Virgo is thus to discern and filter what is useful from what is not based on the goal we pursue. To achieve that it is helpful to take some time to assess what is really going on in the present and to digest before acting (and watch out for assumptions!).

This Full Moon, called popularly Supermoon because the Moon’s orbit is in its nearest position with the Earth, occurs in the sign of Pisces. This sign represents the recognition of the invisible forces at play in life and the experience of unity with All that exists.
The energy of Pisces inspires us to merge with something greater than ourselves. It is also associated to the desire to devote ourselves to something sacred. Some feel called to serve and dedicate to their family while others to their ideals or their career.  Life speaks, at times whispering softly and at others screaming blunty.

Are we hearing the calls of Life?

sails and moonThis Full Moon is inviting us to ride with presence and with much discernment the waves of Life. Pisces is sometimes called the sign of obedience. It means obeying with integrity to the flow of Life pulsating through us with trust in our capacities, with faith in our neighbors, with reverence for the Earth that sustains us always.

It means hearing what calls from the deepest of our Soul and answering daily to it in tangible ways and in what is possible depending of the situation we are in.
This Full Moon is making a SUPER call to feel and witness the invisible grace and beauty that surrounds all…

Let’s take a moment today to feel the interconnectedness of All that IS, and from there select the appropriate current we wish to follow. Let’s swim even though we don’t exactly know where it may lead and take one wave at a time with as much presence and love we are capable of…

Happy SuperMoon to All!




Gratitude for the images to and Ann Marie Gamble.

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