SuperMoon Eclipse in Aries

bloodmoonThis Supermoon is the fourth and last of a cycle that started at the beginning of the year. It is called a SuperMoon because it corresponds to when the Moon’s orbit is closer to the Earth. The Moon thus appears slightly bigger and brighter than usual. The Moon has a known effect on tides and has an effect on us too. We also have a Lunar Eclipse happening with this SuperMoon which is a less frequent combination. The last Supermoon eclipse occurred in 1982 and the next one will be in 2033.

What does it all mean?

Full Moon times are great to become more aware of what is brewing deep within us. The things we feel but don’t always give full attention seem to burst in the open around times of Full Moon. When there is a SuperMoon there is a greater potential to see, maybe not in the gentler way, what wants to be acknowledged within. Eclipses are moments of beginning and closing of cycles and of intensified energy. They can be seen as markers for more awareness and attentiveness to what is going on within and without.

With this SuperMoon Eclipse happening in Aries we might feel sudden outburst of energy but we are invited to focus. Aries is one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac and represents willpower. It represents the drive to start something new and the will to ‘’do’’. It is an energy of leadership and doesn’t wait for secure proofs before acting, it tries and thus create an experience. Was it a successful decision? Is it sustainable and worth doing again? Aries acts first and thinks after. With this Full Moon we could feel more active and assertive.
The Sun is in the sign of Libra, the sign of cooperation and sharing. With Mercury still retrograde in Libra until the 9th of October we are offered a moment of contemplation regarding our relationships.

What are the dynamics in our relationships? How easy is it to navigate personal needs and other’s needs? What are our intentions in relationships?

This Full Moon invites us to harness the forceful energy of Aries and direct it into  collaboration. It invites us to dare extend the hand to another being, to hold and be held, to exchange ideas and to listen to other perspectives. Rather than giving advices we can simply share our personal stories together. This SuperMoon Eclipse invites us to contemplate new ways to interrelate and learn together.
We have explored individualism for a while, maybe so much that it eclipsed the fact that we are actually in partnership on Earth. We have been scared to be hurt for millennials; it has dictated our actions, thoughts and feelings. Isn’t time now for a renovation in our perception of relationships? This Full Moon feels disruptive, it invites us to witness bluntly what wants to be loved and embraced in humankind. Are we daring to love that much?

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