Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius

fde913fa159dded3979d91b60f1b1ab6This Full Moon is buzzing with intensity. We could feel restless and a bit scattered. There is nervousness in the air.

Gemini is associated to openness, curiosity and learning.

There is quite a difference between learning from listening to what others say and seeking meaning from within. The later takes time and much devotion because it involves a deeper connection to our inner world. It involves long moments of silence and a willingness to dwell in the unknown.

This Full Moon invites us to let life in and taste different perspectives of reality but rather than believe in what is presented to us it invites to look at the meaning behind what we experience. We all have the capacity to let emerge from within ourselves the wisdom needed to continue forward.

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur with a bow and arrow pointing at the stars. It invites us to focus on what is beyond what we see and hear. It invites us to tap into universal wisdom.

It feels like we are collectively going through a cleansing process. On one side, we want to express our individual willpower and be recognized for our uniqueness while on the other side we feel inspired to cooperate and share with others. The doors are wide open for new ways to interrelate together, new forms of relationships and cooperation are slowly starting to sprout. In this delicate moment of transition we may turn inward and truly ask ourselves:

What do we want to be as humanity? What are we silently choosing through our actions?





Gratitude to Spiri-Apps for the picture.


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