Full Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn: Life is the Medecine

full moon cancerFull Moon in Cancer on Christmas day is likely to bring to the surface a lot of emotions. Cancer energy is about receptivity and becoming aware of what is felt deep down. This is a time to slow down and listen to what calls for attention within ourselves. We could feel very sensitive and even moody during the next days as the Full Moon shines more light into what we normally keep beneath the surface.

With the planets Mars, Mercury and Uranus in tension in the sky, we could feel dilemmas between our desire to share with others and taking time alone. We could feel an internal tension as our beliefs about what is right or appropriate are being stretched and tested. We are in a period of renewal. The old structures holding our lives, from the political and economic organizations of society to the relationships we share with each other, are transforming quickly.

In those moments of intensity where everything moves so fast we are invited to remain grounded and strong. Even though we may be afraid, even though we may not see where things are heading we must find the love to continue to stand up and let Life move us.

Life is the medicine.

Life continuously self-regulate towards wholeness. Everything in nature tends towards harmony. It adapts and adjusts automatically in that direction.

Let’s find enough love to let life happen to us, let’s find enough love to feel all that happens around and within us. Taking moments to rest when the ugly becomes too intense but staying focus on being here, on being authentic and holding on to dear Life for guidance and sustenance.

The more authentic and open heart we dare to be, the more medicine can flow through us.

The Sun in Capricorn is inviting us to develop our capacity to co-create with Life. Capricorn is about focus, responsibility and the inner strength needed to stand up and continue even when we are alone. This sign of the zodiac speaks about autonomy and authority over oneself. Capricorn is an earth sign and is a powerful energy of manifestation. The Full Moon is in Cancer. This water sign is about awareness of feelings and receptivity. It is a sign concerned about soul nourishment and the ability to feel the difference between instincts and intuition.

This Full Moon is making our emotionnal needs more obvious. It gives a beautiful opportunity to check in deeper into what we need to feel safe. It invites us to stand strong yet to be open and receptive of what IS.

It invites us to take the lead of our lives and make decisions yet to remain vulnerable enough to be moved and touched by the blessings and tragedies around us. May we allow Life to whisper its wisdom by being true to what we feel.

Life is the medicine.

On this Full Moon, I am humbly exposing the Life that passes through me and wishing to meet Life through you all.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer and Merry Christmas!


Gratitude to in2themystic.wordpress.com for the gorgeous picture.

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