Full Moon in Leo: Life Pulsing through us.

leoThis Full Moon in Leo is inviting us to receive the rhythms of our heart: the explosions of joy as much as the swings of discomfort. Those feelings travel through us and punctuate our daily lives. What if they didn’t have to be understood but rather witnessed with kindness and patience like a supportive parent would do for a child?

‘’I am here for you, breathe. You have the right to feel that.’’

What is the force that makes us breath? What is this gentle pulse that cares for us through days and nights beating our heart in order to feed our entire body? We don’t have to think or do anything, it all happens by itself.

Is it possible then that the same power that regulates the harmonious functioning of our body operates at a higher level and coordinate some essential aspects of our life’s path?
What if we didn’t have to thoroughly understand or analyze all that happens to us but rather allow life’s currents to move and touch us deeply? Many feel uneasy at the sight of blood although blood is a vehicle for life. In a similar way, many are hesitant to be present to their feelings even though feelings summon us into what IS alive within us.

This Full Moon in Leo is inviting us to open ourselves, to softly open our heart to the waves of Life. It means to be open to recognize what is true in the moment. It means to be courageous enough to stand patiently with ourselves not only in the moments of joy but also when we feel awkward. It means to be willing to receive nostalgia, sorrow, love and beauty without the need to make something useful or understandable from it.

There is always a good reason behind what we feel. Let’s take it for granted one and for all and let life breathe us. Let life play of us like a musical instrument.
This Full Moon reminds us that daily events follow a mysterious thread that doesn’t always make sense. Out of desire for meaning or security we often concentrate on our objectives or ideals and neglect to feel or be aware of where we are at here and now. The sign of Leo represents the recognition of Life passing in a unique way through each individual.
May we take a moment to celebrate with wonder and reverence what Life is breathing through us. More importantly let us not take it personal: today we might be played as a small flute in the great orchestra while tomorrow we may shine loudly as a trumpet.
Let’s laugh and cry together depending of the wave of the moment and even if it is just for one day may we let Life dance us.
Happy Leo Full Moon to all of you big hearted beings!

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