Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces

pisces-fullmoonOnly a small amount of the world will be able to witness the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces (parts of Indonesia for the complete eclipse and parts of Australia for the partial eclipse). Unless we heard about it, we wouldn’t know that it is happening .

Althought we may not see anything different today, something is happening and we are likely to feel more sensitive and raw because of it. Eclipses are moments of intensified energy and whatever is present within us will be increased.

We are constantly moved by invisible currents. Some are small like our moods and some are bigger like planetary movements. Reminding ourselves that a lot is happening beyond the concrete reality can be helpful in cultivating an attitude of patience and kindness towards ourselves and others.
With the Eclipse occurring in Pisces we are likely to become more aware of what is present in the collective unconscious. It is not only about our individual story but about us collectively.

Pisces is often seen as a sign of completion and unity. It corresponds to a moment of integration before the new beginning in Aries.

In a very interesting way, the Solar Eclipse starts on International Woman Day (March 8th). I feel it is an invite to give more space to the Feminine energy.  I feel it is an opportunity to embrace and value more the power of intuition, the wisdom of the body, the virtues of patience and vulnerability.

Life’s forces are pushing wide open the door of our reality. Something will be heard today, something from the depth of our beings. Let us hear and feel whatever comes to the surface because it is what we need to look at, what we can pay attention to for a deeper integration.

Happy Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

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