Sun in Aries, Full Moon in Libra: Drive and Kindness

libra-zodiac-symbol-daniel-eskridge-728x400It takes a lot of drive but also an infinite amount of kindness to support ourselves through the moments of challenges, confusion and distress in our lives. For many, the last weeks have brought an unusual level of emotional intensity. In the same way that in a blizzard one cannot see far ahead, during the last weeks it could have been harder to see objectively what was going on. We can feel that something is emerging but we don’t know yet what it is or where it is leading us.

The time of Aries is associated with new beginning and renewed hope after the long sleep of winter. The Sun is calling us to put ourselves out there like sprouts willfully bursting through the comfort of the earth into the open. It invites us to meet life head on but with grace, peace and harmony.   The Sun in Aries strengthens our ability to assert ourselves and become the leader of our own life.

This outgoing dynamic energy is opposed by the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra.  During times of penumbral lunar eclipses, the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned in an almost straight line and the moon will slightly appear darkened by the shadow of the Earth. Of the different types of lunar eclipses, the penumbral one is more subtle to notice because rather than being hidden, the moon only appears darker for a short while.

From esoteric tradition, Libra is associated not only to cooperation and harmony but to a moment of contemplation and understanding of human nature. It corresponds to a moment when we realize that despite our best intentions we stumble and sometimes we even act in the opposite way than what we intended.

For example, I might have the  intention to meditate every day, but day after day I am filling my time doing something else and ending up not taking time for myself. Realizing that I am doing the opposite of what I really want and consider healthy I could feel disapointed or ashamed of myself.

During this time of Lunar Eclipse we may become more aware and sometime painfully aware of the gap between intentions and actions. It is also true of the awareness of the gap between our will and others’ will. In these moments of great sensitivity, we are thus invited to embrace the diversity of forces and perspectives within ourselves and within others.

We are socially and internally at a crossroad of much importance.  We can choose to embrace the complexity and seemingly darker parts of our personality or we can hold each other captive in impossible ideals of perfection. We have complementary forces within ourselves: constructive and destructive. How can we live more peacefully with that?

During these days where the darker sides of our personality may become a little more obvious, may we find the adequate dosage between assertiveness and kindness with much love to go through this segment of the journey.

Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra!



Gratitude to for the inspiring picture.

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