Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus: Healing waters of Transformation

full moon stillThis Full Moon is calling from deep within, from old dreams to unspoken fears it calls us to feel it all. To feel even when everything around us feels like an attack, to feel even though it doesn’t make sense and to continue to hold space for what calls within.

The signs of Taurus and Scorpio are interesting complementary forces. The sign of Taurus is about making visible and tangible. The sign of Scorpio is about mysteries and regeneration. One is about the process of creating and the other is about the process of transforming.

Tonight I invoke silence. Silence for all who needs it. Silence to hear what is knocking from within. Hear the healing knock of the Scorpio energy calling us to stillness. The energy of Scorpio takes us to the core of our being. It is often a messy descending and doesn’t make much sense from a rational perspective. It is actually not intended to make sense. Scorpio is a time of initiation and transformation. It requires to surrender control and be vulnerable.

Let us create space throughout the day for Life to flow through us and to listen to what we carry within. One important lesson of Scorpio is letting go. Maybe just for today let us forget about explanations and let us gift ourselves and others the opportunity to simply feel what is.

Let’s pay attention to what stirs within. During the days around Full Moon emotions want to flow abundantly.  They are the healing waters carrying a new chapter of Life, a new cycle, a rebirth. Let’s welcome this healing force with the peace and perseverance of Taurus and continue to put one foot in front of the other.

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!



Gratitude to http://www.xtrafondos.com for the picture.


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