Full Moon in Sagittarius: the Uniting Voice within.

full moon may 2016In my heart I hear a call for inspired actions. My hands want to respond to it yet more often than I would like, I find it hard to link the two. I hear many great ideas that are not followed by actions. They seem like stillborn ideals somehow trapped hakfway between throats and hands. Often I feel too full of what I know and too empty of what I want to be.

Many planets are in retrograde at the moment and for many it feels like a burst of energy wanting to go out and being held back at the same time.

This Full Moon is a special time to make bridges between worlds of inspiration and world of manifestation. There is a lot of support to help translate our greatest ideals into daily actions. Let’s do something every day towards what we really believe in and thus make our wildest dreams come true.

What do you do daily to cultivate and feed what is most meaningful to you?

According to Native Americans, this Full Moon is called the Full Flower Moon and corresponds in the northern hemisphere to a time of increased fertility. It is a good moment for projects to flower through daily little attentions.

The symbolic energy of Sagittarius can be compared to an inspiration and mobilization towards one significant direction.  In the same way bees move from one flower to the next following some sort of inner guidance, we all have inside ourselves a wise voice calling for a greater harmony. Seek that inner guidance amongst the many other voices and nurture that connexion until its whispers become so loud that it is all you can hear.

May we let Life play through us and sow not only hope and ideals but also daily tangible and concrete little actions that will support the blossoming of our planet and people. We are infinitely diverse in shapes and forms yet we are all sheltered under the same roof: the Earth. May we all hear and recognize the uniting voice speaking from within: the rythmic voice of Life pulsating.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!



Much gratitude to http://www.owlsdaughter.com for the beautiful photo.



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