Summer Solstice Full Moon: to live means to be exposed.

Moon Phases 1I look at the astrology chart for this Summer Solstice Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and what strikes me is the power of cycles. Everything seems to change and yet if I look behind the events I see the same universal story repeating itself. There is a sacred order in the chaos of daily reality that goes beyond rational understanding:  Life rises, ripens, decays, dies and rises again renewed. It can be applied to a relationship, a project, a business or a lifetime and the cycles can be short or very long, but we all go through these steps again and again.

Every day we rise from bed, activate ourselves and as the day go on we are naturally feeling the necessity to rest and sleep (a symbolic death) and we wake up the following morning renewed.  In the same way that each spring is followed by summer and then by autumn and winter, there is a guiding energy moving us all.  I wish we could recognize in which step of the cycle we are. We could better support ourselves to go forward in moments of rising, be perseverant and devoted in our moments of ripening, be gentle and comforting  in times of decay and give ourselves permission to fully rest and let go in moments of symbolic death. This month’s Astrology Weather is an invitation to connect with your season of the moment. In which step of the cycle do you feel and what do you need most right now?

With the Mutable Grand Cross in the sky everything seems to be possible and many options open themselves. To have the freedom to choose amongst everything can sometimes feel paralysing.

What am I meant to do?

So often in my practice I hear this profound question. We want to know what we are meant to do to feel fulfilled or happy or to be useful in this world. We all aspire to find this one thing that will give meaning and direction to all our actions.

Within us we have the compass, the way to find our next step through every single path but it doesn’t mean we will understand each step or that we will feel clear about it.

Doubts, confusion and hesitation will show up even when we feel called by a meaningful purpose because to live means to be exposed, to rise and to fall and to rise again.

girls-holding-handsLet’s live then! Let’s do it together, gracefully or not, holding each’s others hand vulnerably.

Happy Full Moon and Summer Solstice!





Much gratitude to and for the beautiful pictures.


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