Full Moon in Capricorn: Breaking the veil

65ecf0cef3f6a0c460db19e40b67fbebThe opposite signs of the zodiac are forces best understood as complementing each other. At this moment, the Full Moon happens in the sign of Capricorn while the sun appears in Cancer.

Capricorn and Cancer have for long been associated with the archetypes of Father and Mother. For some, the Father energy represents presence, focus, self-discipline and the structure needed to achieve goals. The Mother energy represents caring, nurturing and receptivity. It represents the ability to listen intuitively to what is needed for wholeness.

On this Capricorn Full Moon we could feel more lucid and clearer about where we stand in regard to our aspirations.  This Full Moon breaks the veil of illusions and enables us to have a more realistic taste of where we stand in life. For some it could be an abrupt bump to earth while for others it will be a moment of confirmation.

What is present for you right now?

If responsibilities are burdening you, if your daily reality wears you down or if you are hesitant to put the next step then wait. Take a moment in the sanctuary of your Mother and Father energy. Be present to life and listen to what wants to be heard within. When we are hesitant, it is often because something wants to be heard before a decision is made and acted upon. This Full Moon is tugging at deep personal and collective patterns: the relationship with the Father and Mother energies within us. It is inviting the two to dance together so that presence and awareness can be infused and guided by love and intuition. Let’s ride this wave together in the best way we can and face heart open what needs to be addressed for today.



Gratitude to Pinterest for the Capricorn picture.



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