Full Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo: Freedom and Wildness

aquariusWhat do you want?

I want to sing and dance and feel life pulsing through my veins. I want life force to rush through my spine and awaken deep levels of awareness. I want to live fully and freely!

Take a moment to hear your own Leo speak. Listen to what makes your heart sing. Give space for the spontaneous expression of wildness and creativity. Instead of hiding under properness let us expose a little more ourselves. Let us be courageous in witnessing our humanness with the limitations and wounds it comes with.

Take a chance on you, take a chance on us. Expect the best in others yet don’t look away when something hurts. Your humanness is the sacred vehicle for your greatest strengths.

The path of Aquarius is connected to the ability to serve Life by allowing its multiple currents to pass through us. Despite being an Air sign, Aquarius is called the Water Bearer. It represents the ability to open ourselves as vessels for experiences and energies to pass through us for  a collective good. Aquarius is linked to innovation and to truly innovate one has to let go of control. The stepping into the unknown is often confusing and uncomfortable. In those moments, we need the courage and creativity of Leo to push through.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system. It is the point of Unity but also a point of Power, Order and Harmony. Leo is linked to the expression of our identity. The path of Leo involves finding the Self at the center. It is about finding in our unique way, the source of Life and Creativity within ourselves.

We are trapped and limited by the judgements we have made on ourselves and others. It is time to set each other free. Let’s be spontaneous, lets dare look silly and ignorant. Let’s give each other permission to play. Let’s release the chains of our past misunderstandings and let life take care of what we perceive as wrongdoings. Let us be free to roar and find sustenance  within our center.

Eclipses are markers of beginning and ending of cycles. They are moments of powerful energy and opportunity for deeper integration.

This full moon is bringing awareness to the judgements, the restrictions and the hopes we entertain about ourselves, others and life. Observe what has been rising for you lately. You may be able to witness more clearly the restrictions you impose on yourself at the same time as being inspired by ways to live more free. Let life pass through you and cleanse you of what needs to be released. Let the Waters of Aquarius wash you. Allow the process to shake you momentarily even if it is uncomfortable. Stand up and own your humanness, dare roar your unique roar, show how extraordinary you are one baby step at the time and seek the beauty in others. Dare a step into aliveness and take a chance on you. Take a chance on life and trust us all to receive you. Be merciful on yourself, comfort yourself and continue even if no one is there when you need it.

It is from sharing our humanness that we can free each other and claim the right to live. Today the gates open wide… open your heart to receive what you need. It is free, it is there for all of us. Receive all you can and if you feel full and if your heart agrees, share your bliss.

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!


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