Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo: Incubating Life

romantic and scenic panorama with full moon on sea to nightSome like to enter water in one bold jump while others prefer to go in slowly one little toe at a time. On this Full Moon in Pisces, we are invited to dive in and for some it could feel like being swallowed whole.

Pisces is abundant with intuitions and feelings. Its emotional waves can wash over us like blessings but it can also break us open on the shore.

This Full Moon in Pisces knocks strongly at the gates of our inner worlds.

Since the Sun entered in the sign of Virgo on the 23rd of August, we have been summoned to be more present and grounded in all we do. For some, it translated as a need for more self-care on a daily base. The energy of Virgo is linked to wholeness. It represents the ability to discern and to do the daily adjustments needed for our harmonious functioning.

Virgo is the energy helping us to recognize what we need in the now to stay connected and in alignment with our highest aspirations. With the Full Moon in Pisces, it means making space for the emotions that want to be seen and heard.

Let yourself be moved and taken for a while even if you cannot yet see where it leads. Let yourself be a vehicle for the waters of Life.

Most of us are fearful of what we will encounter. Let’s cultivate curiosity for what Life is seeding within ourselves and have patience for the fruits that will blossom from there.

cave-oceanLet the high tide of your unconscious bring to shore the shipwrecks and their hidden treasures. Let’s observe what is present here and now and receive it as the food for today.

And when the swirlings are overwhelming let’s remember to gather together, to share and hold each other lovingly.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!


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