SuperMoon in Aries: Joining Individualities

supermoon-ariesFor those of you of have noticed, the moon appears bigger and brighter these days. This phenomenon is called a Supermoon and is due to the fact that the Full Moon coincides with the moon’s orbit being closest to Earth.

Full Moon times are great opportunities to become more aware of what is happening deep within us. It releases what is hidden in our subconscious. Like a reality check, Full Moon days help us to realize what we have been feeding during the whole month and what calls for attention.

This SuperMoon in Aries conjuncting Uranus is bringing to the surface the will to be free and reinvent ourselves. It brings more clarity about what we really want and gives us courage and energy to assert ourselves and take action.

With Pluto and Mars together in the sign of Capricorn it is also a very good time to release old habits and set healthier boundaries. For example, if you feel a clear ENOUGH! about something in your life, now is a great moment to take positive action to transform it.

With the influence of Uranus and Pluto, the personal changes we feel to make are also linked to a renewal on a collective level. It is not only about our individual choices, but about the opening of a new cycle of awareness.

It is an opportunity for deeper relationship with ourselves and the world based not on greed, competition and fear but on service, cooperation and connexion.

During these days, our willpower may feel stronger and we are invited to observe what guides it. With the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Libra more emphasis is put on interacting. By sharing vulnerably, each aware and accountable for our intention, we can find ways to collaborate.

Let’s be brave and answer authentically:

What is my intention here and now? What do I really want? What part of me wants this right now? What motivates my actions?

Answering these questions helps me clarify what I really feel to express. Instead of being right, I can then focus on being heard. Rather then feeling attacked when someone has a different opinion, I can receive what they say and hear what is important for them. A better connexion between us can thus take place and connexion is what we need before any collaboration can occur.

It is a time to expand awareness beyond individual survival into collective thriving. We will have many different ideas about how this can happen so connexion is going to be important to hear each other. We each hold a fragment of truth and by sharing it we may be able to glimpse of a bigger Truth connecting them all. We need each other, we can benefit from each little perception of reality to see the bigger picture. Instead of insisting on the value of our individual ideas, let’s put our efforts in receiving intelligently the differences that enable a greater picture to be seen. Let’s give it time and space to emerge.

This SuperMoon invites us to dare experience LIVING at another level. While owning our individual power, let’s remember to check in to see what motivates our actions. As we express our will let’s remain open and curious to hear others’ perspectives. Let’s give value to differences and diversity of experiences. Thus bridges are created and better ways to live together can be explored.

Enjoy this SuperMoon in Aries!



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