Full SuperMoon in Taurus

taurusThis Supermoon in Taurus is quite exceptional, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac it’s been the brightest and biggest in the last 70 years!

The energy of Taurus is about giving form and making visible. This Full Moon is showing us in a very tangible and concrete way where we are at.

To witness ourselves and others in such bright light can be challenging and yet a deeper peace can emerge from it.

Recently all that I intended to do didn’t happen. Obstacles, delays, unforeseen events all came to disturb the so carefully planned schedule I had made. I felt sad and I felt confused. What was I doing wrong? Being so beat up by my seemingly inability to produce worthy results I had to take time out in my bed (head under the pillow in shame!). As sadness roll around me like a blanket I realized the most disturbing was that I felt unsure I had what it takes to make my dreams come true. On that Saturday morning, I was doubting myself, unsure I had the strength to achieve a meaningful life. As I let myself sink deeper into those feelings I felt the walls of my personality breaking. The feelings of helplessness were melting my illusions of control and power and I was starting to feel aligned with something bigger than my personal story. Something shifted and soften inside and although still shaken I was able to continue my day.

It reminded me that those moments of confusion and intense emotions are so precious. They are a sign that deep down something is changing. If we can hold space for ourselves and others in those moments, without having to fix it right away, they can help us regenerate.

With the Sun in Scorpio right now, we are in a time of letting go and transformation. It is a time to witness and release what is no longer needed. Making sense of it all is not always easy and this period of the year can feel very distressing. We are collectively going through a reality check; illusions are being torn apart and this process is emotionally demanding.

This Full Moon is calling upon our capacity to stay present and grounded despite all that is spinning around us. Taurus is represented by a bull. This hard-working animal was used for agriculture for centuries. It has the patience and endurance to achieve any given task as long as it has a clear focus. Let’s remind each other of what is worth living for. Let’s take a quiet moment to hear what is important to hear right now for a thriving world.

Happy Full Moon in Taurus!



Gratitude to Inner Circle Sanctuary for the photo.


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