Supermoon in Gemini: Listening to Life

gemini-moonGemini is linked to the process of learning and linking pieces of information together. It is associated to the quest of Knowledge.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. This planet is associated with the power of the mind. In mythology, Mercury is Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. This god-messenger brings information back and forth from the Gods’ kingdom to the humans and he is also able to travel freely in the underworld. Symbolically, it depicts the power of the mind that can expand to higher spheres of consciousness and receive information from the subconscious. The mind is a channel connecting different perspectives together.

Our minds benefit from being open, flexible and curious in order to keep the integrity of the information they convey.

On this Gemini SuperMoon the theme of communication is strong.

Our beliefs shape the way we perceive reality.

For example, if I believe punctuality is a symbol of respect, I will feel stressed arriving late at a meeting. If punctuality is not linked to respect in my beliefs than I am likely to feel less stressed about arriving late.

So much pain comes from forcing things in a mental box. I should be like this, this shouldn’t happen, I should have finish this work by now, etc. All these mental straightjackets telling us what should be and convincing us to ignore what is in the moment.

We don’t know why things happen the way they do or what they mean on a larger scale. Let’s meet situation and people with more curiosity before organizing them in mental boxes. Let’s not reduce life’s experience to what we can understand but rather open ourselves to the mystery.  Let’s try to embrace reality instead of controlling it.

A wonderful practice for letting go of control is in listening to others. Resisting the temptation to give advice or solution and giving instead full attention to the other. Receiving with care and empathy the feelings expressed underneath their words.

Listening also means paying attention to the little things happening right under our nose. For example, while I am writing this post, my cat comes and desperately tries to get a cuddle. After trying to push her off several times I decided to give her all my attention for a moment. It seemed counter productive as time is running late and I “should” stay focused on my goal. Nevertheless, I picked her up. My fingers brushed through her soft hair and it felt amazing. Inspiration came whispering in my ears. This little break helped me slightly shift my perspective and the rest of the post followed differently.

We don’t know why things happen the way they do, but I feel there is such an importance in paying attention to the small things. They move us in incomprehensible ways.

Our intentions are like magnets, they attract to us what we need in order to reach our objectives. Some experiences refine our perspective while others crack us wide open.

When we aspire towards a goal, we set in motion a learning process of becoming what we are not yet. The various experiences that thus come our way become the stepping stones enabling us to reach what we aim for.

Time is measured in a circular way, the planets spin in circular orbits and yet we try to understand reality from a mental-linear perspective. Let’s be humble about it, bear the discomfort of not understanding and listen more to the wonders of life happening right in front of us.

Happy Full Moon in Gemini!




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