Full Moon in Cancer: The GrandMother’s Embrace.

full-moon-grandmotherLooking at the Grand Cross in Cardinal signs for this Cancer Full Moon, I can’t help but see a symbolic representation of modern life. For many people, there are too many demands and little time is left to fully breath out. We chase one thing after the other, trying to balance family and social life with meaningful work. Seeking fulfillment from following one’s heart while having to pay bills at the end of the month.

Listening deep down I hear a voice begging for mercy. Mercy for the fast pace madness that seems to have become the daily reality and too often lead to exhaustion. Mercy for the non-realistic expectations enslaving into high productivity. Mercy from the rigidity and seriousness preventing to enjoy the present moment.

In this morning of the Full Moon, I feel rising from the depths of my being an invocation to the GrandMother energy. I am calling upon the gentle and intuitive wisdom of whom has gone through many cycles of experiences and knows deep down that all that rises will fall in its due time. I am inviting the GrandMother energy to comfort, nurture and soothe the parts that are so wired up that they forgot how to rest.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the most changing of the celestial spheres. It appears different almost every night, but repeats the motions between New Moon and Full Moon month after month. The Moon represents the many possibilities of experiences and at the same time consistency through the repetition of the cycle again and again.

Amidst the intensity of the Grand Cross pulling our attention in various directions, this Full Moon invites us to listen to our inner rhythm. There is a constant pulse guiding us and despite the ups and the downs of the cycle it sustains and regenerates us. Let’s take a moment to breath, to feel in and become aware of it. We might not know where we are heading or what to do next and it can be uncomfortable. We have become used to a seemingly sense of control and knowing on a daily base.

Just for today, let’s take sanctuary in the GrandMother’s arms and rest  wholeheartedly in her warm embrace. Let us be heard in what wants to express through us and hear her kind laughters. She has been around and has seen life and death and life rising again. We can trust her.


Happy Full Moon in Cancer!


Thank you Cerena Childress Astrologer for the picture of the Grandmother Moon.


One response to “Full Moon in Cancer: The GrandMother’s Embrace.

  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    I really resonated with the words: We might not know where we are heading or what to do next and it can be uncomfortable. We have become used to a seemingly sense of control and knowing on a daily basis.
    This is something I’ve been living with for a couple of years now following the break up of my marriage. I was once seemingly in ‘control’ had all the boxes ticked other than having children which just hadn’t worked out for us. Then one day everything changes….. I’m on my own, choices, decisions, a new economic status and a new ‘freedom’.
    I’m moving along this new fork in the road, feeling my way along without a map but trying to Calibrate and reconfigure my inner compass, trying to find MY True North. Sometimes laughing other times tears but always trying to connect back to all the joy in my life with pure Gratitude. I don’t know where I’m going next in the short or long term but I do know I need to embrace the opportunities and give and receive love as I stand present in this moment✨ Namaste


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