Full Moon in Leo: Remembering the Power to Love

leo-2017Most people I know recognize the importance of following one’s heart. They have tasted the difference and wont settle for something less meaningful. Yet, in the midst of daily work and responsibilities it is easy to get sucked into the never-ending flow of things to do. The voice of the heart is sometimes forgotten amongst all the concrete decisions and actions needing attention here and now. At the end of the week or even at the end of the month, we may realize that we forgot to take care of our inner fire.

On this Leo Full Moon we are invited to infuse our daily actions with Self Love. Let’s not wait for a special occasion or our birthday and cherish with a loving attitude the Self at the center of our being.

Let’s invite more self-worth in our life, not only for what we achieve but simply for who we are right now. It is enough.

For those who feel confused about their place in the world or are longing to find a clear purpose for their life, I am honoring you/us today. I am celebrating the will to live and to continue through the confusion and uncertainty.

I also wish to celebrate today the POWER to LOVE.

Leo, more than all the other zodiac signs, represent that power and warmth. Until the very last heart beat, despite the pain and the injustices the Leo Heart stands up and courageously continues to love. Let’s make more space for it.

Let’s claim our dignity and kindly embrace ourselves. Together let’s make the world a rich and diverse symphony one kind gesture at the time.

Happy belated Full Moon in Leo!


Thank you to the Organic Fashion Utopia for the amazing lion picture.


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