Full Moon in Scorpio: the cracking that renews.

real light sculpture

We are collectively and individually in a cracking moment. The economical, social and political structures of our society are slowly breaking and witnessing what is going in the world can be overwhelming and disorienting. As one point of reference is disappearing after the other, we can feel confuse about our next step.

Many feel broken or exhausted at the moment and it is part of the cracking process. It is a sign that life is renewing itself and shedding the old. The old structures holding our beliefs and life together are dissolving.

As strong emotions are rising to the surface, this Full Moon in Scorpio invites to surrender to the unknown. Now is a time to let die what is ripe to transform in our lives. Instead of relentlessly seeking a meaning for what is happening, let’s simply feel what is.

Emotions might wash over us strongly, let them pass through with awe and curiosity.

I hear a call, a summoning to trust in what moves freely within us. A call to dare express what springs from within, to make room for it and let it take shape with no expectation.

Rather than fearing and protecting ourselves from the unknow let’s drop the guard and dare, even if it is just for a few seconds, be vulnerable. These days are about dissolving old barriers while keeping connected to our core essence.

As we build our capacity to share vulnerably with others, we increase the flow of connection and compassion between us. Once compassion is activated, new possibilities can emerge. There is a lot of unbalanced things happening in this world at the moment, let’s build a path towards a better co-habitation on this planet, one vulnerable step at a time.

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!


Gratitude to Paige Bradley for the sculpture.


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