The Full Moon in Capricorn is revealing in what measure we need validation for our actions and how much we want to be recognized and approved by others and society.

Are we holding ourselves hostage with harsh judgements, giving too much importance to the comments made by others or are we able to comfort ourselves in times of crisis and act from our own inner guidance?

This Full Moon in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto is helping us to see in the dark. It has worked silently and invisibly in the last weeks, pushing triggers we might didn’t even know were present. It has pulled down the curtain of false pretences and exposed the roots of embedded fears and wounds. By doing so, it has hopefully helped us shed an old skin of fear and brought more Freedom.

It seems there has been a long war within as much as outside ourselves and maybe has arrived the time for a truce. There comes a moment after shattering events when the heart is softer and more open. Now more than ever is a time to take shelter in Cancer’s generous empathy and activate its abundance of nurturing love.

As we catch our breath from the madness of modern life, let’s gather in family or tribe and remind each other of what is worth standing up for.  Let’s lovingly and authentically join efforts in the building of a Sustainable Sanctuary for the generations to come.






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