Aquarius Full Moon: Freedom from our Mental Cage

We all have the energies of the twelve Zodiac Signs within us. In each and everyone of us exists the Aquarius archetype. Although more developed in some than others, we all have the ability to question what we are told and come to our own original conclusions. We can all link  information in a holistic and visionary way.

But that mental quality can also bring challenges. Aquarius is a Zodiac Sign that can have strong judgements and be stubborn. Many Aquarians feel odd in groups despite their urge to be part of something community oriented.

Sometimes a strong opinionated mind keeps people at distance and make us look unapproachable and intimidating. When a lot is going on mentally, it is sometimes harder to connect with spontaneous joy, feelings and inspiration.

On this Full Moon in Aquarius we are invited to get out of our own way and let Inspiration flow through us. Rather than fighting against the things we reject from society, we are invited to act towards what we love.

Most of us carry different scars from the events we have personally endured or from hearing atrocious situations going on in the world. It seems we have plenty of excuses to protect ourselves but what if we could hold back our judgements and dare meet the uniqueness of the people around us?

What if we sought the points of connexions between us instead of our differences? What we look for is what we find more easily.

To really hear one another we can start by building the capacity to receive from each other. As different perspectives are shared, strong emotions can come up and the desire to attack or run away is tempting.  In order to receive information, inspiration, intuition and feelings that are very different from ours we may need to hold back our beliefs and ideas for a little while.

The ability to connect comes with time and through cultivating an attitude of open curiosity towards other ways of being and living.

Through the weaving of personal stories, we can speak with a vulnerability that is not threatening to others. To be heard doesn’t mean to convince others but to humbly share a piece of ourselves without expectation. To feel rejected when sharing from that soft place can hurt like hell but isn’t it worth the try? The plaguing feeling of disconnection and isolation so many of us live with is, in my opinion, equally painful.

For this Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse I invite us to take a moment to listen with fresh heart and ears.

As the Sun is in the sign of Leo in conjunction with Mars, the planet of willpower, our desire to create and act is intense. As we learn to listen and ask questions before jumping into actions we give time for the information seen and unseen to reach us. Thus, we may free ourselves from the same old roads travelled a million times and that have led us to the same results again and again.

In that way, we may innovate in our life and in our relationships. In that way, we may even learn what it means to collaborate towards a joined goal.

We are entering in an era where each individual holds a piece of the solution through their unique perspective. We are all Aquarians in becoming and we are all learning to dissolve the barriers of our mental cage to freely hear one another.

On August 7th, there is a partial Lunar Eclipse and on August 21st there will be a total Solar Eclipse. This month of eclipses is a special time for deeper alignment and a strong invite to remain present.

Presence to witness, presence to hear and presence to RECEIVE one another as the members of the same family.

Happy Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Aquarius!



Gratitude to for the picture.


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