Full Moon in Pisces: Waking from the Deads

On this Full Moon in Pisces we are invited to let the tidal waves wash over us and take with them the fragments of ourselves that are ready to be taken. Let your being be cleansed of all its debris as the moon silently washes over you.

In the deep sleep of the night, let it mend and restore your capacity to receive and share what Life brings to your shores.

Now is a good time for inner revelation, for reveiled mysteries and for the soothing of the Soul. Surrender a moment of your day to be taken by the powerful forces of the moment. Rest peacefully in the craddle of your own being and receive what is present right now.

With the Grand Trine in Fire Signs there is a vibrancy in the air, a kind of wicked energy to wake people up from the deads. Let that Life Force resuscitate your bruised heart, stalk its enthusiastic voice and let it guide playfully your next step. Now is a Wake Up time.  Maybe we feel something precious brewing inside of us or maybe at the moment we only feel the crisis and the intensity of the birthing process taking place.

Do you feel a magnetic pulsing inside of you that whispers more aliveness? Do you hear Life singing for you to join in the dance?

Let’s start dancing even if we cannot hear the song. Let’s start dancing even if we cannot find the exact beat yet. Let our body warm up to the rhythm of our hearts.

Something is birthing through the channel of our Hearts. It is coming through you, through me and through all of us.

For a moment, let’s forget what we think we know. For a moment let’s surrender to the healing waters of this Pisces Moon. What if today we could say yes? Yes to our feelings no matter what they bring, yes to our intuition, yes to the unknown emerging gradually.

My invite to you on this powerful Full Moon in Pisces is to join our collective story by celebrating in your own way who you are and where you are at right now.

Celebrate the untamed Life force that dwells in you. Celebrate that Sacred Fire that can fluctuate but never be destroyed.

Let’s remember the capacity to follow Life’s current with our Heart as the main anchor.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces dear ones!



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