Full Moon in Taurus: Witnessing Layers of Reality

Each sign of the zodiac is a path of consciousness and takes us on a specific journey. I love this time of year associated to the change of season where the boundaries between visible and invisible grow thinner and thinner.

Behind every concrete situation hides subtle feelings. Behind any tangible event are subconscious forces at play. Conflicts rarely arise because of what is taking place but more often because of what the events mean for the people experiencing them. The situation happening on the surface is often far from what is churning within.

For example, a few days ago I was reading with my oldest son. He needed to go to the bathroom and asked me not to turn any page while he was away. I understood he meant to keep the page we were on in order to remember where we were reading. As I was getting bored of waiting I turned a few pages but made sure I was keeping the page we were at between my fingers. When he came back and saw that I had turned pages he was very upset. Observing the intensity of his anger, it became clear to me that it was not about a page being turned but more likely that he had felt lied to and betrayed.

Is the meaning we give to what we experience more important than what happens objectively? How can we relate to each other when at any given moment we can be catapulted in different emotional directions?

During this time of the Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio we are invited to experience many layers of reality. The actual facts and the subtle feelings they evoke in each person are a reminder that reality has many layers. If we want to be able to glimpse a wider picture and relate deeply with others we must cultivate the ability to recognize more than one perspective.

In Guatemala, were I lived for 11 years, those days are associated with the Day of the Dead. It is a sacred time to honor ancestors but it is also a time where we are more receptive and connected to different dimensions of what we call reality.

During this period of increased connection between the material and ethereal we are invited to stay tuned to our body and close to Nature. Finding the point of unity amongst the many layers of information transiting through us can be difficult.

We may find peace by releasing our attempts to make sense of it all. As the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, ‘’Life is a mystery to live rather than a problem to solve’’. Each being is a unique universe unfolding and maybe navigating relationship and exchanges from that perspective could help deepen our interactions.

Let’s dare experience the various angles of Life through our embodied experiences and those of others.

Let’s keep our heart wide open for the Mysteries to reveal themselves before our humbled eyes.

Happy Full Moon in Taurus!




Gratitude to Hillory Skott for the picture.


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