SuperMoon in Gemini: Making sense of Life

Full Moons always take place when the Sun and the Moon appears in opposite signs of the Zodiac. As the full moon occurs in Gemini this month, the Sun is found in Sagittarius. Both signs are linked to the process of perception and understanding. Sagittarius represent the ability to see life from a wider angle and the aspirations directing our lives.

Gemini is linked to the exploration and communication of perspectives and ideas. From its ability to look at a situation from different angles, Gemini learns and expands its awareness of reality.

If we want our aspirations (Sagittarius) to become a tangible reality we must get involved with what surrounds us (Gemini). When we seek to achieve a meaningful goal, we magnetize the experiences that will enable us to manifest it.

If my intention is to help others, I will attract situations that will enable me to learn more about service. Maybe I will face situations involving listening or the lack of it to slowly understand what being a helper requires. The understanding of what it means to be of service to others will come through my repeated experiences and from my honest intention to become a helper.

A wise woman who recently passed away told me: “Life is a Mystery to Live rather than a problem to solve!” That could be a Gemini quote. It invites us to dive in the experience rather than try to understand it.

For this Supermoon in Gemini the invite is to JUMP in the mystery, to LIVE and RECEIVE the experiences coming your way. What is in your way is not an obstacle, it is THE way to become what you aspire to. Walk through it, gracefully or not, walk through the mess, the joy, the broken pieces and stay connected to your dream. The experiences you have right now is your teacher and is the fertile soil from where you will achieve what you most desire. If you don’t remember what you aimed for or simply dont know what makes your heart sing, then it is never too late to set the intention to be clearer about that. In whatever choice you make, remember what you intention is. It will give you strength and sustenance when the experiences will be long and difficult.


On this Full Moon in Gemini let’s make space to laugh and if needed, let the laughs transform into tears to refresh our perceptions. Let’s remind ourselves to not take everything so seriously and simply let the experience take us on an adventure.

Let’s ride each wave of our journey knowing that through the successive movements of highs and lows we regenerate and we change skin again and again.

Happy Full Moon to you!



Special thank you to Nathan Spottsa for Fabulous Scenery photo.


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