SuperMoon in Cancer: Cycles of Life

I am passionate about Astrology because it has a way to bring images to what we experience. Through symbols and metaphors, it enables us to recognize the energies at play and from there chose the appropriate direction for our actions.

Cancer is associated to the power of feelings, intuitions and the patient tending of the emotional treasures surfacing. Deep down we often sense what we need but as intuition whispers softly its subtle voice easily gets dilute in the noise of our daily lives.

Cancer also represents the cycles of Life and the constant succession of high and low tides on the path of our existence. As we start 2018 with this Supermoon in Cancer, our receptivity is heighten and the call is strong to contemplate what is flowing through us.

We may start the year with clear intentions in the same way that most adventures start with a clear objective. As our journey unfolds, it is easy to get caught in the daily motions and challenges. Doubts crawl in as the journey strips us of our certainties. We may growl, cry or even freeze but the confusion we feel is not a sign of weakness or failure but rather a symbol of inner transformation.

How can I feel so lost when I was so clear a few days or hours ago?

When we jump towards a new goal, we get out of the comfort zone, we get out of what we know and enter the vulnerable state of becoming: nothing concrete yet but a blurry mix of impenetrable mystery.

When the powerful waves of the ocean roll towards shore it takes a while to see what treasures they have brought from the deep.

Each year succeeds to the other yet the same movement takes place: clear intention, actions, confusion as the transformational process takes place and renewed purpose and clarity.

What if we could reassure ourselves through the powerful stages of each cycle. The tides will come and bring clarity, confusion, transformation and ultimately peace when the next step finally emerges. The recognition of the whole cycle obviously doesn’t take the struggles away but can be a comforting cocoon from which to draw strength in the most challenging moments. Salty ocean water surely stings on open wounds but deeply cleanse them too.

The Grand Trine in Water signs taking place at the moment is a great reminder to allow others to be part of our journey. Cancer is the zodiac sign representing our roots and the need to belong to a tribe or family. It speaks of the solid bonds forged from sharing intimately with one another.

Although it is true that limitless resources can be draw from our inner world, it is equally true that each other’s presence can greatly soothe the Soul. I believe that inner strength means the capacity to be vulnerable enough to ask when help is needed. For it is in connecting our stories that Life takes its meaning.

Ultimately, we each have to walk our path but what a difference to wander through the upheavals of life knowing dear ones are close by, especially when the tumbling waves rushing to shore expose our most vulnerable parts in plain site.

This Full Moon in Cancer re-awakens our humanity and our capacity to hold each other dearly in a comforting embrace. Through an honest comment of appreciation, a warm hug or simply holding hands silently, let’s remind each other of the power of relating.

For this January 1st Cancer SuperMoon, I wish for us to recognize in which tide of the cycle of Life we are traveling through and the perseverance to bear witness with all our heart while holding hand with a beloved friend.

Happy 2018 ride!




Gratitude to Mara Clear Spring for the image of the Full Moon Ocean Goddess.



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