Super Blue Moon in Leo: Finding our Common Ground.

There is an interesting relationship between Leo and Aquarius (its opposing sign of the Zodiac wheel): the first strives to express his uniqueness while the other is concerned about a collective well being. One is linked to individual power while the other is linked to innovating visions for a communal benefit.  There is a subtle balance to find in being grounded in one’s power and remaining open to others’ reality. But when personal power is put at the service of a shared vision, miracles do happen.

This Full Moon is calling for cooperative visions and shared ideals inspired from each unique heart.

To find our ground means to recognize the potential we each carry inside. To find our ground doesn’t mean to be fixed in a role but rather to be free to choose our place again and again. It means to daily engage with life, to act and take responsibility for where we stand. From that constant participation, we can daily find our ground.

Leo is the path of consciousness relating to one’s power center. The young Leo personality often displays a strong need for attention and recognition. As he develops in self-acceptance, he feels more empowered and freer to express himself. He can thus become a source of warmth and support for those around him. A healthy community needs awakened Leos grounded in their heart.

Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. (Rudolf Steiner, Founder of Waldorf Pedagogy)

What I aspire to is not a utopia, but a community-oriented society cultivating respect and harmony with its neighbors and surroundings.

There is a movement of liberation taking place right now in our society, a real shake up of the old ways. Let’s wholeheartedly claim our life while building our capacity to truly cooperate with one another. It is in being each connected to our inner fire that we will be able to truly co-create a more balanced and sustainable future for all to thrive.

Let’s dare beyond our familiar paths and stretch beyond our own visions of life to welcome and receive the perspective and beliefs of others. Let’s imagine the best from us all, let’s believe in the power of our grounded hearts.


Happy belated Super Full Blue Moon Leo Eclipse!!!

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