Full Moon in Virgo: A Time for Integration

This Full Moon in Virgo speaks about integrity and coherence between inner reality and outer actions. If we have been carried away lately by duties and responsibilities, these days are beneficial to reconnect with our Self. It is a great period to touch base and observe where we are at.

As the flow of life’s events move and affect us, we grow and transform little by little. Full Moons are good moments to come back at the source of our being and listen to discover the subtle adjustments and changes that have taken place.

Chiron, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, the Sun and Juno are all in alignement with Pisces right now and speak of receptivity, surrender and vulnerability. We may feel a lot of churning at the moment, emotions moving as some chapters of our life come to a closure. We might mourn what was and at the same time be excited for the next steps that are about to unfold.

Tomorrow we can run and get busy again if we like, but for today let’s hold for ourselves a quiet time. Let’s create a soft moment of emptiness in our schedule and peacefully rest.

Such space hold a powerful rejuvenating energy and is like setting up a sanctuary: simple but safe and supportive. It is not about achieving anything but more like an integration time to harvest the fruits of our recent choices and actions.

Using the Virgo quality of discernment, we can observe what is ready to be released and lovingly support what needs more attention in our life. If we dont tend to our inner garden, then who will?

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!


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