Collective Astrology

Collective Astrology wishes to offer insights to deepen self-knowledge and help you increase the ability to find answers from within.

By sharing astrological happenings, the objective is to help you recognize more easily the different facets of your personality and to support you on your life path.

With the rotation of the seasons, life shows us that all that comes to blossom will eventually die and be transformed. It is possible to embrace changes with reverence and curiosity rather than with fear. As we observe Nature, we learn that after winter comes a new spring and that autumn follows after summer.  We can benefit from the unique opportunities brought up by each season rather than getting attached to one. It would seem unwise to wish for spring to last forever, but many of us hold on to things, people or situations from fear of the next step. Collective Astrology offers inspirations to help you navigate daily reality with a little bit more trust and understanding. Rather than giving answers, Collective Astrology offers concepts and ideas to help you find your own solutions.  

Health in the physical body depends of the harmonious functioning of the many cells, each accomplishing its unique role. In a similar way, a society depends on the capacity of each individual to recognize and give worth to their unique skills as well as to use them with discernment and integrity for a common good.

Collective Astrology also aims to humbly support the growth of collective consciousness in society.


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