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  1. Hello- I will be traveling to San Marcos around Jan 8, 9, 10th and I was wondering if I could schedule a reading for that timeframe and what is involved in the reading? Thank you!


    • Hello,
      We can schedule a reading for Friday the 9th of January at 10am if that suits you. The reading lasts for about an hour and half and involves looking at your personality (strenghts, challenges, tendencies). It is one way to look at yourself from a different perspective and to gain more insights into the subtle forces you feel within you. The reading can also help gain understanding on any aspect of your life that is important for you at the moment (career and life purpose, relationships, etc.) I always ask the person to think about their motivation to do a reading and what they want from it before we meet. The reading includes the drawing of your birth chart and can be recorded if you wish (on your own phone if you have one that records or I can record it for you). Just bring a USB stick to put the recording on afterwards if I record it for you. If you have more question do not hesitate to ask me.
      Kind regards,


  2. Hello I would like to schedule a birth chart reading. Please let me know how we can set this up, thank you! 🙂


    • Hello Jenni,

      I completely missed your message from July 10th and I do apologize about that.

      If you are still interested in doing a birth chart reading please send me your birth informations (day and time of birth as well as city/country of birth) and your intention for the birth chart reading and we can fix an appointment.

      All the best,


  3. Hi Melanie,
    Looks great !! lets get a reading organised, I hope you haven’t forgot me 🙂


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